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Ivy Blacke

Steamy romance with some Sass thrown in. . .  

Love Series

Ready to meet some new friends? Take a trip to small town Wellsprings North Carolina and a trip now and again to the farm in Pleasantville South Carolina. The men find the women who think they are broken, but in the end they realize their true strength power and courage. They fight for their men as their men fight for them.


Take a chance on book 1 which is a second chance romance. Book 2 and 3 are a duet that shows you how to fight for what you want. Book 4 and 5 is a duet with a sassy female character that knows what she wants and no one will stop her. Book 6 is a sweet but yet push and pull romance between two people who were always supposed to be together, if only they'd stop fighting it. Book 7 major alpha ex-Navy SEAL who always gets what he wants and the woman who won't just fall at his feet. Book 8 a strong woman who has been handed more than her share of heartache and struggles. Watch her find her true love and take the emotional journey with her.


Book 9 the final story in this series meet a woman who at one time was insecure and unsure of herself who finds her strength to fight for the one man she always wanted and the family that she loves.


Love Will Find Its Way

Love Will Find Its Way Cover.jpg

Book 1
~ Josie and Michael

Josie thought she had found love.... Until he walked away.
Once upon a time was how all fairy tales began, except this wasn't one of them.

Life wasn't easy, the world wasn't kind, and all Josie could do was run from the demons chasing her.

Starting over was the easy part but hiding from the past was something she had to work for.  Luckily, nothing could erase her memories; memories of the man who made life worth living, memories of the love she lost.  But she can't hide forever, not from her past and not from what's buried in her heart.

Love Is Always Enough 

~ Max And Taryn's Story 

Max spent his whole life searching for something. He just never knew what he searched for.

That need to keep looking would follow him until the day he met her... Taryn.
She was beautiful. She took his breath away. He only had one fear; would Taryn be able to love the man he was, mistakes and all?

Somehow the past always finds you, even when you try to hide from it.

Taryn didn't like dating, she'd tried it once, and it blew up in her face. She swore off love forever.

Until the day she laid eyes on the gorgeous bartender at Heartbreak Bar. Tall , dark, handsome; he was the definition of sexy.

Could a man like that love a woman like her? Could she overcome her fears, and doubts to give love a chance?
Part one of the duet

Final Fight For Love

~ Max And Taryn's Story 

When Taryn opened her heart to Max and his family, she felt things she never thought she could.
She let go of all her fears and doubts and she fell in love.

But when Max's past resurfaces, and his lies are finally brought to light. Taryn has two choices....
Run away and hide.  Or choose to fight for love.

Max knows that Taryn is everything to him.  He would sell his sould to the Devil for her.
After a trip to his family's farm, he finally has to face the secrets and lies he told her.

He knows he has to do what's right, but will it be enough?  Can he prove to her she's worth it all?
Will he fight to give her the happily ever after she deserves?
Final part (Book 2) of Max And Taryn's Story

Protecting His Love


Book 4

~Miranda and Rod's Love Story

Miranda is a woman with a backbone, a career in the making.  She doesn't need a man to carry her.  If there's one thing she's learned in life, it's the pain that comes with needing someone.
It's easier for her to fix others than it is to face her own darkness.  Some secrets are better left buried.

And then everything changed. 
He stormed into her life, unexpected and unwanted.

Rod is a man with a mission.  He's supposed to protect and serve.
But the second he laid eyes on her, she's all he could think about.

He's never needed a woman until her.
Making contact was never supposed to happen, but was it destined to be?
Getting close isn't an option.
Riddled with sins and secrets of his own, he can never give her what she deserves.

Can they overcome their pasts?  Or is Rod protecting a love destined to fail?

Finding Their Love


Book 5 

~Miranda and Rod's Love Story

Miranda couldn't hold her secrets in forever.
She feared that he'd look at her differently. That he'd pass judgment and nothing would be the same.
Except, he doesn't. Rod does the opposite, loving her as if she's perfect.
Her demons aren't far behind, but she's strong.
And as long as she has Rod, she can fight off anything.

Rod carries his own struggles, but they are nothing compared to Miranda's.
Yet, he hides it all. Afraid he's just not good enough, and falling into a downward spiral he can't control.

Scared of losing him, scared of losing the only man she's ever truly wanted, Miranda needs to find the strength to help him through.

Will Rod let the past decide their future? Will Miranda find a way for them to make it?
Or will Finding Their Love be harder than they ever expected?

Always Time For Love


Book 6

~Will And Allie's Story

Real love... That was something Allie never knew. She wanted to be loved.

She wanted his love for as long as she could remember, except she just never felt like she deserved him.

And why would she? She was worthless, she didn’t mean anything, no one could love her... At least that was what she had been told.

But why not enjoy one single night of passion? It wouldn't hurt to let him in just once. Right?

She didn't have anything to offer him, not even her heart because that would hurt too much.

But what if he could heal what was broken inside of her?

There wasn’t time for love, and all she's doing was playing games.

Will didn't have time for that. There was a farm to run, and a family to provide for. Except, he couldn't stop thinking about her. He protected her his whole life, but he couldn’t protect her from one thing—himself.

Now that he's had her once the game was about to change, and this time it would be his rules they played by.

One night would never be enough.

Can Will make Allie see the truth? Or will he push her too hard and lose her forever? In the end is there Always Time for Love?

Completed By Love


Book 7

 ~Trae and Arianna

Arianna doesn't trust easily. She closed off her heart a long time ago after losing her mother. She tried her hand at a relationship once before, and it didn't work out. That was a mistake she'll never make again. So, she wrote off love. That is until she met a one night stand that made her heart stop and her body ignite. One night of passion is all it was supposed to be.

Trae is an ex Navy Seal, and is working a private security job. He's good at what he does, but nothing can prepare him to come face to face with her again. He couldn't get this girl out of his head, and now she's all he wants. But what you want doesn't come easy. The girl of his dreams is being hunted by a Mafia madman with a grudge for her father.

What happens to Arianna when her walls come down? Will Trae be able to protect her and give her the love she deserves? Or will tragedy steal their chance to be Completed By Love?

Love's Final Chapter


Book 8

 ~ Sarah and Ted's Story

When Sarah spoke the words "I do", she thought that meant forever.
Ted might have walked away once, but that was in the past, he was back now.
Marriage, a child, that was love, right? So why did Ted push her away?
She always thought if he truly loved her, he'd fight for her—except, he didn't fight at all.
She lost her son, she lost her husband, and now she was losing her daughter because her father left.

It was time for a change. Time for a new beginning. Time for Sarah to figure out what it was that made her happy. Sometimes you need to find yourself when the world around you crumbles. Despite a broken heart, life has to go on.
But maybe, just maybe, she hasn't lost everything after all. Maybe all Sarah needs is a true cowboy to mend the broken pieces.
This is Love's Final Chapter.

Becca's Love

Becca's love_Final.jpg

Book 9 

 ~ Becca and Blake's Story

Becca has always found comfort with a pencil and paper. She would get lost in her art. The kind of art that stays with you forever--Tattoos.

She fell in love once, and it nearly destroyed her. Becca swore she'd never let that happen again. There was no room for love in her world.

Blake fell in love with Becca the moment he laid eyes on her. He'd never seen someone so beautiful. They shared one perfect night together, and then she was gone. He searched for her, but it was as if she disappeared into thin air.

When Blake inadvertently finds Becca and the secret she's been hiding, will he be able to forgive her?

Will Becca be able to open her heart to a man that has secrets of his own?

The truth is powerful, but Becca's Love will set her free.

Sweet On You 

Sweet On You_Final.jpg

Book 1

 ~ Sweet Romance Book 1

Kinsley has always had a crush on her brother's best friend, Dakota.

How could you have a crush on someone you've known your whole life? Dakota should feel like a brother to her, except he doesn't. There's something more between them. Something she can't ignore. But Kinsley knows she will always just be his best friend's little sister.

Dakota came from a broken home with parents who just didn't care. When he's taken in by his best friend's parents, he finally has a chance at something normal. He'll have a real family, a best friend who's now like a brother and Kinsley, who he promised he will always protect.

But falling in love with your best friend's little sister is definitely not allowed. It's the cardinal rule of friends. Except rules are meant to be broken. Dakota is ready to prove that he's the man for her. But is Kinsley ready to let him in? Love is never easy, even if they're sweet on you.


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